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October 15, 2006

Generally Used Shortcut Keys

Windows shortcut keys
F2Select a file and press F2 to rename the file
F3In Windows Explorer and on Desktop, pressing F3 brings up the Find dialog box
Alt + EnterSelect a file and press Alt + Enter to bring up its Properties dialog box
Alt + Space barInside a window, press Alt + Spacebar to bring up the system menu of that window
Ctrl + EscapeBrings up the windows start menu
Alt + TabLets you switch between currently running applications
Shift + DeletePermanently deletes a file without moving it to Recycle Bin
Ctrl + ASelects all the files in Windows Explorer. Also selects all the text in text boxes
Alt+ F4Closes the current window
Double left clickDouble left click on the system icon of a window closes that window
Ctrl + TabChanges the tabs in a tabbed dialog box in forward direction. Also switches windows in an MDI form
Ctrl + Shift + TabChanges the tabs in a tabbed dialog box in backward direction
Ctrl + F6Switches between the currently open child windows in an MDI form
Ctrl + Left clickDeselects a specific item from a selected range. Works in Windows explorer
Crtl + Alt + DeleteBrings up task manager in Windows 95/98. Brings up more options in NT/2000
Shift + F10Brings up the context sensitive pop-up menu
Ctrl + WCloses the current window
Windows Key + mMinimizes all windows
Ctrl + (+) key from the right hand side of the keyboardRearranges the widths of the list view's columns properly

Visual studio shortcut keys
F2Brings up the 'Object Browser' window
F3/F4/F6/F11Brings up the 'Properties Window' for the current form/control
F5Executes the current project
Ctrl + F5First checks for syntax errors and then executes the project
F7Opens the code window for the current control
F8Executes the project in 'Step mode'. Keep pressing F8 to execute the next statement; Press F5 to come out of step mode
F9Inserts break point at the current line in the code window. Press F9 again to toggle the break point
Ctrl + GBrings up the 'Immediate window', which is useful for debugging purposes
Ctrl + SpacebarWhile writing code, this combination helps you see the available options/methods/properties based on what you are typing
Ctrl + JSame as above...
Shift + F2Place the cursor over any function call and press Shift + F2 to see the declaration of that function
Ctrl + FBrings up the find dialog box
Ctrl + HBrings up the replace dialog box
Shift + F3Finds the previous occurance of a string
Ctrl + Shift + F9Clears all break points
Ctrl + DeleteDeletes to the end of the word
Crtl + YDeletes the current line of code
Ctrl + ZUndoes the last change in the code window
Ctrl + Up/Down arrowsHelps you move between procedures/functions in the code window

Internet Explorer shortcut keys
Ctrl + FBrings up the Find dialog box
F5Refreshes the page
Ctrl + NOpens a new browser window
Alt + HomeTakes you to your homepage
EscapeStops loading the current page
Ctrl + ASelects the entire page
F11Toggles between full-screen mode and normal mode
BackspaceTakes you to the previously loded page
Alt + Right arrowForwards you by one page in the available page stack
Alt + Left arrowTakes you to the previous page in the available page stack
Ctrl + EnterIn the address bar, avoid typing http, ://www and .com by just typing the domain name and pressing Ctrl + Enter
EnterNot sure if the domain name ends with .com or .net? Type the domain name & press enter. IE will search for the domain
F4In IE 5.0, F4 drops down the address bar combo box
Ctrl + PPrints the current page
Crtl + OBrings up the 'file open' dialog box
Ctrl + HBrings up the History window
Crtl + BBrings up the 'Organize Favorites' dialog box
Ctrl + RReloads/refreshes the current page
Shift + Left clickOpens the clicked link in new window

Outlook shortcut keys
Alt + SSends the current mail
Ctrl + EnterSends the current mail
Ctrl + KResolves the email addresses from the address book
Alt + KResolves the email addresses from the address book
F7Starts spell check
Ctrl + DDeletes the current mail
Shift + DeletePermanently deletes the current mail
Ctrl + ZUndoes the last change
Ctrl + YRedoes the last change
F4Brings up the Find dialog box
Shift + F4Finds the next occurence of the search string
Ctrl + RBrings up the reply window for the current mail
Ctrl + Shift + RBrings up the 'reply all' window for the current mail
Ctrl + PPrints the current mail
F5Sends and receives mails

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