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October 18, 2006

Develop ASP.NET Menu using UltimateMenu tool

Generally for displaying menu on web pages, we can use javascript or DHTML, but it doesn't provide you the server side functionality. In order to get the server side functionality for the menu, we can use tool like UltimateMenu. For example, if we want to display the data in menu which comes from database, hope that this one would be useful.


UltimateMenu is an ASP.NET menu control to build advanced DHTML menus. Visual Designer--fully integrated into VS.NET, also available as a stand-alone ASP.NET application. Frame support--full frame support without a single line of coding. User rights--display different parts of the menu based on user credentials. Data Binding--load menu from a data source as easy as setting a connection string. Professional style--pop-up, drop-down, vertical, horizontal, scrolling, filter, transition.

Show path--display both the menu traversal path, and the actual navigation path with different style. Client & server events--raise client-side and server-side events when user clicks on menu items. XML & CSS--menu structure and style based on XML and CSS industry standards. XHTML Support--fully compliant with XHTML. Cross-Browser support--IE5+, NS6+, Firefox 1.0+, Mozilla 1.0+, Opera 7.5+ for the best outcome, all down-level browsers with limited functionality.

Download at Get it from CNET Download.com!


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